A well known artist in her native Poland Ms.Sochaniewicz built her reputation there as a leader of the Neue Wilde movement, a trend in painting emphasizing expressive figuration. In recent years, however, she has moved increasingly towards abstraction, while retaining the style and intensity of her figurative work. Her SOHO20 show features a number of abstract paintings of uncommon energy, originality and emotional range. There is a great diversity of color, line, and mood but a unity of style.  Compositionally, Ms.Sochaniewicz utilize the methods of repetition and recursion as well as unique color sense in the service of an unapologetic painterly illusionism. Thus, in some of the works, slashes of thick acrylic paint form dense tickets, creating surfaces that function like portals to maze-like worlds topographies oscillate between geometry and biology. At the other times, her lines form teeming groups or microbe-like entities hunting in packs. And finally in her more serene moods Sochaniewicz blends lines into wave like color fields on which small flecks of light paint float like foam.  In short, Ms.Sochaniewicz has created a uniquely and challenging body of work that eludes easy classification and hence, merits our attention.

Thomas Slaughter
Director of SOHO20 Gallery

Press Release - "Recent Paintings" Exhibition in SOHO20 Gallery, New York, September, 1998


 "I have an impression, that it isn't easy for the artist to reveal her secret which might be the farewell with figurative painting. If it is so, the next gathering with her former public, is going to be a kind of very intimate confession.

  ...this time the author has decided to speak out: my present fascination refers to the signs and structures totally departed from the real life, so I brought my abstraction.

  ...the artist that we know is still present, but only in her strong impact, emphatic gesture, expressiveness and fleshiness of the outline. It is beyond all questions that the present world of this painting, with no human figure or outlines of a woman's face, being characteristic and favorite motives of the author in the past carries in it reliable transformation of anatomic outline into anatomy of matter. At present, public can see the carpet of limited structures, the ornamental repetition of which, pictures them as the elements of some infinite carpet.

  ...the world of Maria Sochaniewicz has changed and broaden by the field of imagination, inspiration of which, and then the interpretation, leaves a lot of freedom to the artist and to the spectator."

Wojciech Krauze
Introduction for catalog for exhibition in Test Gallery, (excerpt), May, 1998

A Harz pyrite...

   "A Harz pyrite - says Cordano - shows various figures as ostrich, salamander, cock, abraded priest, and also Holy Mary cradling Her Son in Her Arms" . In her paintings Maria depicts objects of finished defined form, fish, pyramids, butterflies, snakes etc. With complete certainty, we cannot deceits in them any escapism from portraying things.

   However, her paintings apparently originated in the course of denying any form to visible things. A formless spontaneity, gained by intensive effort, fascinates by its strength, shows us shapeless things pressing their objective evidence upon a spectator.

   I think that this distinguished achievement also conveys a meaning of the contemporary understanding of modern art."

Janusz Petrykowski
June, 1987

"On the Women the paintings by Maria Sochaniewicz"

  "...She calls them various names: Azteca, Primavera, Nefretete. Her true name is Victoria - victorious, dominating, fierce femineity. As powerful as the very picture of vitality, as strong as the elements of nature.Her lips are lusting for love, her eyes promising fulfillment.Seemingly quiet, collected, almost dignified, but surrounded with a haze of madness. At any moment ready to follow the call of instinct..."

Monika Malkowska
February, 1990 (excerpt)



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